VDL Fuel Systems to Continue Support of CRA For 2016

Salem, IN (February 24, 2016) – Champion Racing Association Powered by JEGS officials have announced that VDL Fuel Systems has agreed to continue its support of CRA and its ARCA/CRA Super Series Powered by JEGS and its JEGS/CRA All-Stars Tour Presented by Chevrolet Performance for the 2016 race season. VDL Fuel Systems will continue to be the Official Carburetor of the ARCA/CRA Super Series and its JEGS/CRA All-Stars Tour and continue to support two awards with each series.


VDL Fuel Systems will also continue its support of each series Rookie Award Programs. VDL Fuel Systems will award the highest finishing Registered Rookie at each series event during the 2016 season with a $50 Product Certificate. VDL Fuel Systems will award each series 2016 Rookie of the Year with a race ready VDL Fuel Systems Carburetor.


VDL Fuel Systems will award the 10th place finisher at both series events with a $100 Product Certificate for the VDL Fuel Systems Top 10 Award again in 2016.


“We greatly appreciate VDL Fuel Systems continuing their support of CRA for the 2016 race season,” remarked Glenn Luckett, Managing Partner of CRA. “VDL Fuel Systems offers a great product that can help racers achieve their desired results while racing with CRA. We encourage our racers to support VDL Fuel Systems and all the great companies that will be supporting all our series!”


VDL Fuel Systems produces the finest carburetors one at a time. Air and fuel flow are maximized within tech parameters to create consistent dyno performance and optimal drivability on the racetrack. From booster dimensions to booster location to throttle shaft width to venturi height, each part of every carburetor is custom-fit to be on the edge of tech tolerances for any series application.

VDL Fuel Systems is a custom carburetor business specifically focused on their specialties. They only build what they are the best at and will happily refer a customer to another company if the customer’s application doesn’t meet their skills. You can be assured that if you purchase a VDL Fuel Systems carburetor it is the best available on the market.


VDL Fuel Systems is located in Theodore, Alabama, a suburb of Mobile. Dan VanderLey founded the company in 1998 after working for most of his life in the engine building business and other attendant positions. VDL (its initials come from the name VanderLey) came about from Dan’s long association in the business. VDL Fuel System CRA customers include 2015 ARCA/CRA Super Series Champion Grant Quinlan, 2015 JEGS/CRA All-Stars Tour Drivers Champion Dalton Armstrong, 2015 JEGS/CRA All-Stars Tour Owners Champion Bill Burba whose cars were driven by Travis Braden and Mike Stacy, JEGS/CRA $100,000 Super Late Model Triple Crown winner Erik Jones, also 2015 CRA winners Chase Elliott, Brian Campbell, Steve Dorer, Hunter Baize, Eddie Van Meter and Dan Leeck.


More information is available on VDL Fuel Systems at www.vdlfuelsystems.com or by calling 251-443-5990.