Champion Racing Association Announces Adjustments to Chevy 604 Crate Engine Rules


Goal of Changes is to Provide Performance Parity

(Salem-IN) – Champion Racing Association (CRA) Powered by JEGS officials announced today, that effective immediately, the rules for the JEGS/CRA All-Stars tour will allow for the Chevrolet 604 crate engines to race at 6500 rpm and receive a 25lb weight break.


Officials reviewed data on field make up in the last few years, dyno comparison, and component comparison to reach this decision.  According to CRA’s R. J. Scott, “Many people came through the ranks of racing using Chevy products and being Chevy fans, so we had to ask ourselves why we were seeing fewer and fewer Chevys in crate racing. People were choosing Fords not because they wanted to, but felt the rules configuration favored the Ford, and therefore to be competitive they had to change brands, out of necessity, not because of preference.” 


Scott went on to additionally note, “We as a group are charged with the responsibility to create parity, so we’ve taken these steps to help ensure that.”


The first use of these new rules will take place when teams take to the track for the CRA SpeedFest 2020 at Watermelon Capital Speedway, January 24-25.


More information on the JEGS/CRA All-Stars Tour Presented by Chevrolet Performance is available at