Crumrine to Provide Van Hoy Oil CRA Street Stock Four Crown Series Feature Winners and Champion Awards

Salem, IN (January 22, 2021) – Champion Racing Association Powered by JEGS officials have announced that Crumrine Buckle Manufacturing, a division of Crumrine Gold & Silversmiths, will once again award the winners of each event in the Van Hoy Oil CRA Street Stock Four Crown Series with a specially designed buckle that has a retail value of $150. Crumrine Buckle Manufacturing has provided these special awards for several seasons for the Van Hoy Oil CRA Street Stocks. 

The Van Hoy Oil CRA Street Stock Four Crown Series will feature four longer distance events paying a minimum of $3000 to win. The first Four Crown event will be a 150-lap event at Shadybowl Speedway on Saturday, May 1st. The second Four Crown event will be a 125-lap event at Winchester Speedway on Saturday, June 5th. The third Four Crown event will be a 150-lap event at Anderson Speedway on Saturday, June 26h. The Four Crown Series Championship event will be a 150-lap event at Anderson Speedway on Saturday, August 14th. The Four Crown events will all be green flag only counting events.

In addition to the individual event winner’s awards, Crumrine Buckle Manufacturing will also award the overall Four Crown Point’s Champion with a specially designed buckle. In addition to the $3000 minimum to win for each event, there will be a Points Champion from the four events who will receive a $1000 bonus. Second in points will receive a $600 bonus, third place a $400 bonus, then there will be two $250 bonuses from a random draw from the cars that attended all four events. 

“We really appreciate Jeff Lathan getting these great awards from Crumrine for the Van Hoy Oil CRA Four Crown Series,” remarked Glenn Luckett, Managing Partner with CRA. “As a car owner with our Street Stocks, Jeff understands that racers compete for the winner’s trophies and the special awards like Crumrine is providing for the Four Crown Series. I’m sure these awards will give our racers a little more incentive to get the wins and the Championship!” 

Crumrine Gold & Silversmiths is one of the world’s largest and most progressive manufacturers of belt buckles, jewelry and accessories. Crumrine began as a small jewelry manufacturer in Santa Ana, California in 1948. Founded by Charles and Marjorie Crumrine, the operation grew to become Orange County’s largest custom jewelry design, production and repair business.

The Crumrine family relocated the company to Reno, Nevada in the fall of 1979. Then nestled against the Sierra Nevada Mountains in the Comstock silver mining region, Crumrine continued in the legacy of hand-crafted products made in the U.S.A. 

In the fall of 2007, M&F Western Products based out of Sulphur Springs, Texas purchased Crumrine Manufacturing. Since then, the company has continued in the hand-crafted practices with production facilities in Mexico. They now market and distribute its products in territories in the continental U.S. and around the world.

Each buckle still receives the same hand craftsmanship, hand finishing and hand inspection that went into the company’s earliest products. By using the latest tooling and manufacturing techniques, Crumrine maintains its long-standing edge in the categories of engraving depth, detail, luster of finish and overall merchandise selection.  More than ever, Crumrine products are synonymous with the word “keepsake”.

Throughout its 69+ year history, the company has successfully maintained several important operating philosophies. The most notable of these is the company’s continued use of the finest quality manufacturing materials available – without compromise. In addition, Crumrine is committed to the type of professional customer service that ensures real accountability. Crumrine also continues to focus its new product development efforts on creating original styles and designs, with the promise of meeting the latest fashion trends. Last but certainly not least, is Crumrine’s commitment to the lifestyles it serves.

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