Champion Racing Association Announces Disqualification from Recent Tire Testing with Forensic Lab

Salem, IN – May 27, 2021 – Champion Racing Association officials announced today one driver/team has been disqualified from the ARCA/CRA Super Series Event at Anderson Speedway on May 22 at Anderson Speedway after multiple forensic laboratory tests determined the team had used illegally-altered tires during the event.  The lab used by CRA for testing is the same lab used by the top racing organizations in the country, including NASCAR and the World of Outlaws

CRA officials took samples from the top three finishers at the event, sealed the samples, signed by the teams and delivered to the independent laboratory for detailed analysis.  The sample taken from the RW Motorsports car driven by Dalton Armstrong was found to not conform to the Hoosier submitted benchmark and were analyzed in duplicate to confirm the original scan result, which is laboratory protocol.  The duplicate results matched the original results, thus confirming the tire samples from their car did not meet the Hoosier submitted benchmark. The samples taken from the 2nd and 3rd place finishers were found to conform to the Hoosier submitted benchmark.

As a result of these findings, and consistent with CRA’s past procedures, a team found with non-conforming tires has been disqualified from their respective finishing position and placed on probation for one calendar year. The change in the final order for the event will result in affected teams receiving additional purse checks.  Following the disqualification of the original winner, 2nd place finisher Anderson’s Greg Van Alst now will be credited with the win.

Additionally, CRA will be announcing next week, new, stiffer penalties for infractions of these types. Officials are noting that the current penalty structure is not serving as a big enough deterrent, and adjustment to the penalties going forward will be made.